Have just enough

so that you can choose

every part of your life.

Just enough clothes

so you can wear them with creativity and confidence

rather than just tolerance.

Just enough shelf space

in your home for the mugs and spices that flavor your life.

Just enough income

so that you can afford the time to live out the life you want.

Just enough meaningful friendships

so that you feel seen and heard.

Just enough.



Photo by Marc Kleen on Unsplash

My legacy will be my happiness.

When I was totally present

My face chasing the sun

Skin dripping in dappled light.

Living to the rhythm of the ocean

That anchors me to

Life’s ebbs and flows.

Fluid. Yet firm when need be.

My legacy will be walking away from people and places

Better than when I found them.

Tucked in between the lines of those tender conversations

When we go there.

Learning something new because I want to,

Not because I’ll be tested on it

Or paid to do it.

You’ll find my legacy in the rearview mirror,

Chasing every sunset and sunrise

As if I’ve never seen all this before.