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One thing we can all agree with is the frustration of navigating the healthcare system and its high costs. How is it that our nation’s GDP spending on healthcare services is nearly 18% (that means one in every six dollars spent in the US is on healthcare), yet our healthcare outcomes compared to other developed nations falls short?

How is it that in one of the most affluent countries in the world families can end up bankrupt because they can’t afford their healthcare bills, or they avoid seeking necessary care because they’re afraid of the bills they’ll accrue?

The business…

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Loneliness is a shared universal experience. I feel confident saying everyone has had their humbling dose of it in the last year.

Loneliness doesn’t discriminate between socioeconomic classes, cultures, ages, marital statuses, genders, or any identifiers.

Yet none of us want to openly admit to feeling it. We’re conditioned from a young age to connect loneliness with shame. Perhaps it’s why as children we were sent to our rooms to be alone as punishment.

Or why adults without families and partners are pitied by default. Maybe that’s why some move on from breakups by finding someone else immediately, rather than…

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Last March I took a risk and left a cushioned job and a good team at an established health system for a startup. Three months later, the startup dissolved because of the pandemic’s disruption to the market. So in the middle of an economic recession, I lost my income. And in the middle of a global health crisis, I lost my health insurance.

Despite my losses, I recognized that my privilege is that in that time of global struggle and suffering I was worried about finding the right fit. My privilege is that I didn’t have to worry about covering…

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Dear Future Employed Self,

I want to celebrate you for not giving up and not giving in until you found what you were looking for. Like so many others across industry lines, you never thought you’d find yourself job hunting amid a pandemic.

You combatted job search fatigue. You have gotten through those virtual interviews with lags and glitches. Sometimes to never hear back, and other times to hear about the status of a job from a friend, rather than HR.

You found the courage to decline offers that weren’t the right fit. It takes a lot of grounding to recognize that anything else…


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